3D Artists, your Ultimate Guide to professional Free 3D Resources

3D artist? Now sit your creative behind down and listen. There are certain times we all can make use of royalty free pre-designed resources for our creative activities, resources that can speed up our workflow without us having to worry about intellectual property infringement. Let’s face it, some creative ventures are especially time-consuming and clients, superiors breathing down your neck with an unrealistic deadline makes it even more exasperating.

3D artists must meet short deadlines

I know I’ll get a lot of heat for this reveal but let’s be realistic, we all need a bit of free help every now and then. Sculpting, modelling, texturing, Observing and modifying topology, adding joints, binding skin to joints, skin weight painting, adding hair, adding clothes, feelings of excitement for a job apparently well done then testing character only to find out you’ve got some terrible deformations on a short deadline, can make a 3d artist feel suicidal. What about doing all that successfully then the client complains about badly done environment modelling in spite of the unrealistic deadline. You breathe out fire from your ears and nostrils and feel like snapping and giving him a piece of your mind then you remember how hard it took you to get good paying clients.

Most creatives are passionate and we put in countless hours into our work, so when easier options emerge and we see positive results coming from lazy peeps or newbies without all the skills we’ve developed over the years we can get a little sensitive. This reminds me of a seasoned web developer friend of mine who hates drag and drop web builders and spends all day criticising them. Or an old school music producer I met who is so attached to his MIDI soundbank, KorgMIDI controller, his Cakewalk software and analogue mixers and complains bitterly about fruity loops and other DAWS ranting that every singer kid feels he’s got a 200 channel studio on his laptop so he argues that good music is dead. See also how to achieve financial freedom for creatives

You Either Ride or Die

The truth is technology is not static so you either get with the program or you get left in the stone ages. Change has become more constant, embrace it or get forgotten. On the brighter side though, nothing can replace knowledge and skill. Software and shortcuts can only get you thus far. When push comes to shove, skill is irreplaceable. Proper block animation cannot be replaced, extremely stylised and customised models are not downloadable, every 3d artist should aspire towards acquiring the necessary skills even when you utilise free resources every now and then because of time constraints.

“phew” just had to get that out. With no further ado, 3d artists here is your ultimate guide to professional 3d resources.

Make Human

3D software for 3D artists

This is a free download open source 3d character tool specially developed for 3d character developers. From my observation, it’s a very good tool with characters that have an impressive topology and deform well for animation. The developers claim to have embarked on a 12-year topology research before they developed their custom topology for the characters. 3D artists will find this tool especially useful because each character can be morphed from skinny to muscular, larger or smaller body parts, ethnicity, age, gender, height complexion e.t.c by just moving slides. It also allows change of clothing, hair type and texture for characters. So if you’re looking to build characters for free with minimum efforts and lots of customisation at the slide of your mouse download here.

Daz Studio

C.G.I girl on a bike designed by 3d artists

This is a software produced by DAZ Studio for 3D artists. It’s designed for 3d art, animation and rendering. It’s designed for people willing to use 3D models for imagery, animation, poses e.t.c. It’s a core Character design tool for Game developers, animators while other features needed to develop non-character 3d models requires a plugin.

Daz Studio  isn’t exactly free character download but they do have some free characters to spare, so if you need to make video games, commercials and animations and you’re willing to try a software that is tried and trusted across advertisement to Hollywood or you just want a lazy way out to character development then download for free Daz Studio Software and free 3D Models for any 3d application of your choice here

Adobe Fuse

C.G.I man designed by 3d Artists

Adobe Fuse CC (formerly Fuse Character Creator) is a 3D computer graphics software developed by Mixamo that enables users to create 3D characters. Its main novelty is the ability to import and integrate user-generated content into the character creator and make work much faster for 3D artists.

Fuse lets users choose and modify character components and features, you can modify anything from clothing, textures, hair the whole works by tweaking slides. Fuse characters are rigged through Mixamo online service. its game developers favourite tool but can be used in any type of media. Download Adobe Fuse CC Software here


Stylized C.G.I characters for 3D artists

My favourite and the best, in my opinion, is iClone by Reallusion. It’s so easy to use it gives one a sense of guilt, I mean who deserves the ability to make a fully rigged fully customised characters in such a short period of time?Choose between caricature to life like characters. A real-time 3D animation and rendering software with real-time playback enabled using a Videogame Engine

Its features include full facial and skeletal animation of humanoid and animal characters, a scripting language for the geeky types (LUA). Get to customise every imaginable aspect of your model from the skin, clothes, accessories, hair to ethnicity it literarily made everything easily editable even add tattoos with ease. Unfortunately, I clone is a paid tool but it’s worth every dime and more for all it brings to the table for 3D artists. Get your copy here and the latest version free for a period here

Reallusions biggest creation, on the other hand, is CrazyTalk 8 (still in progress) this allows you create realistic characters at record speed using your 2d pictures. I see this tool going far in Hollywood. The video bellow belongs to Reallusion and it’s used for information purposes. learn more about crazy talk 8 here.

Many pro character designers are pissed with the new developments in the industry, do you think this new approach spells doom for character designers or the industry as a whole? Or is it a welcome development that’ll hasten up character development and help 3D artists beat short deadlines? Please leave your opinion in the comment section. Enjoy.