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About Me

Hi, my name is Tola. I live in Lagos Nigeria. I do Graphic design, motion graphics and animation, video editing and SEO.I like eating out, sweating out in the Gym, or just chilling out with my brother and best friend. Since I’m an indoor type of person for the most part, I tend to gravitate towards outdoor recreational activities.

I’ve got a thing for colours and order, I particularly like it when I can spot creative disorderliness, more like organised chaos within a body of work be it visual, musical or emotional. I learn a new thing every day and I like meeting and breaking bread with like-minded people.


It doesn’t matter what industry you engage your creative juices we can help you grow and learn from each other in the process.

“Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”

– allegedly attributed to Scott Adams-

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The African environment is peculiar and it takes peculiar skills to make it work here, not just creative skills, but the business and emotional. At CreativeAfrique we target the nitty gritty information you won’t find in any blog or site tailor-made to ease your immediate challenges.