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  • C.G.I characters for 3d artists

    3D Artists, your Ultimate Guide to professional Free 3D Resources

    3D artist? Now sit your creative behind down and listen. There are certain times we all can make use of royalty free pre-designed resources for our creative activities, resources that can speed up our workflow without us having to worry about intellectual property infringement. Let’s face it, some creative ventures are especially time-consuming and clients, superiors […]

  • freelance graphic design lady

    Freelance Graphic Designer – This is How you get Clients

    When transitioning from another career path to freelance graphic design or when fresh from design school / just starting out inexperienced and about going into the labour market, one question that seems to pop up often is “how do I get clients”? It can be a bit daunting at first, I know because I’ve been there. […]

  • Artist listening to his intellectual property

    How to Protect Your Intellectual Property From Theft

    Having worked in studios as a beat maker in the past, I know the effort artists and producers put into their craft, one thing that cuts across amongst all creatives is passion, we put all our soul into our various crafts, from the fashion designer to the fine artists to the musicians, to the interior designer, to […]

  • A group of happy black men with Financial freedom

    How To Achieve Financial Freedom (For Creatives)

      Growing up in Lagos Nigeria, it’s amazing how the rich and the poor live in reckless proximity, in the western clime the rich will consider such closeness suicidal as evidenced by the distance between the government housing projects and the highbrow residential areas. The detriments of such hobnobbing are pretty obvious but on a […]


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